The formation in December 2011 of The Shanghailanders B&B club, came about through various conversations between five “Old China Hands”, Howard Bennett, Alexandre Gruss, Hanns Michel, Michael Schneider and Thomas Weil who had known each other for some 14 years; They have racked up 78 years of attending B&B events from Beijing to; Malaysia, and between, have the experience of being past founding president’s, past food and wine masters, past secretaries, past treasurers and even a cigar master; All were members of the original Shanghai B&B 238 club, which dates back to 1997. The goal, was to offer an alternative in dining experiences with new venues in Shanghai, fresher ideas and back to basics at affordable membership and dining prices, with a combination of both lunches and dinners throughout the year, along with holding events where ones partner could attend at least one event in the year, coupled with a Black Tie event.

As is the nature of this wonderful, exciting and vibrant city of Shanghai, there is an air of transience where people come and go; as a result of their employment contracts with multi-national companies, the club gains members and loses members over time, but delighted to say that the club attracts some 24 regulars, from a membership base of 30, along with a waiting list demonstrates that the Shanghailanders club really offers the alternative in B&B club dining in Shanghai,and proud to have been chosen to be the host B&B club for the first global B&B convention outside of the Antipodes in October 2015.